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Argion Co., Ltd.

[China]vacuum packaging bag

These bags fit all most all of the sealing system that helps preserve food five times longer than conventional methods. They are made of three-ply construction with NY/PE composite membranes outer layers, a micro-holed inner membrane in the middle. They're patented and are freezer-, microwave- and dishwasher-safe. They're even durable enough to stand up to rapid boils for heating in a pan on the stove. Currently we have different kinds of vacuum bags, micro-holed, channel or flat. They are suitable[...]


[China]vacuum sealer

Parameter: voltage:100-130V/60Hz 220-240V/50Hz power:110W pressure:-22.5”Hg/-762mbar max bag width:310mm pump: single seal wire width:2mm size:390x160x85mm weight:1.8kg[...]


[China]Vacuum Sealer YJS600

Characteristics: 1. Spray metal paint on both stainless steel housing and plastic parts surface, makes the machine more durable, fashion and high end; 2. Dual pump, high vacuum pressure; 3. Big power, very short heating time (only 2-3 seconds) 4. Special wide seal wire enables high quality sealing effects; 5. Adjustable seal time; 6. Digital displays vacuum and sealing process; 7. Instant seal function; 8. Pulse vac function, manual control vacuum time and pressure; 9. Marinate mode, rapid[...]


[China]Vacuum canister

Made of SAN(durable and heat-bearable material). go straight to the microwave, and can be re-used. Can be Easily washed,even in the dishwasher.[...]


[China]Vacuum sealer YJS200

Parameter: voltage:100-130V/60Hz 220-240V/50Hz power:110W/130W pressure:-22.5”Hg/-762mbar -27.5”Hg/-931mbar max bag width:310mm pump: single/dual seal wire width:2mm size:400x320x138mm weight:3.4kg/ 3.8 kg[...]